How to support UA AID Centers team?

We are a group of volunteers with a business management background, who could not step aside when Russia invaded our country. We have launched the portal and besides run initiatives on supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and refugees.

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Come Back Alive Fund (Повернись Живим)

The Foundation stands with the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding defensive initiatives. We supply technology, training, and ammunition. After arriving home from the front line of defense, our troops receive support with sports rehabilitation and the development of veteran-run businesses.


Ukrainian Armed Forces

An official fundraising account created by the National Bank of Ukraine to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All collected funds are directed to enhance Ukraine's defense capability: weapons, equipment, food, medicine, and other supplies.


Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

All funds will be used to meet the needs of hospitals and emergency medical institutions that are the first to provide assistance to the wounded and enter the struggle for the life and health of Ukrainians.


The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund

One of the UN's country-based pooled funds. Your donation will help humanitarian NGOs and UN agencies in Ukraine to assist the most vulnerable communities and people, and to provide them with urgently needed food, water, shelter, and other basic support.


Ukrainian Women's Guard

Ukrainian voluntary women's organization emerged in 2014 with the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war and began its activity with mass premedical training for women, it is the combination of psychological and physical training. Since 2014 more than 30,000 women across Ukraine passed our training.


KSE humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), one of Ukraine’s leading universities, is raising funds through its charitable foundation to support those most affected by the brutal invasion of Ukraine.
Working directly with the Government of Ukraine, other funds, and multiple volunteer organizations, the KSE has established itself as one of the largest humanitarian aid foundations providing vital medicines, food, and protective supplies to those in Ukraine.
No matter how small, every donation can help deliver essential aid and supplies.


Voices of Children

Charitable foundation Voices of Children helps families affected by the war in Ukraine. It provides accommodation, humanitarian, and psychological support for refugees and helps Ukrainian children and families overcome the consequences of armed conflict.


Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation

Ukrainian celebrity, Sergiy Prytula, is a well-known volunteer and activist. As for now, he have established a fund so as to collect aid and respond directly to the pressing needs of The Territorial Defense, Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard and other military units of the Ukrainian Army.


Army SOS

Army SOS Citizen`s Initiative coordinates people`s efforts to help soldiers of Ukraine.


United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine is working to provide life-saving individual first aid kits and other emergency medical supplies to the front lines. We cooperate with other emergency response organizations to prepare humanitarian aid for civilians directly affected by the Russian attack.


The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fundraising

This fundraiser is organized by United Ukrainian American Relief Committee.  


Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine in support of their fundamental human rights and medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers.


Vostok SOS

Vostok SOS is a non-governmental organization helping to find shelter for internally displaced persons, evacuating people from the conflict zone, collecting and distributing humanitarian aid to IDPs in Kyiv, delivering humanitarian aid to front-line settlements, and providing psychological first aid.


Ukrayinska Pravda

English version of the Ukrainian online newspaper founded by Georgiy Gongadze. The newspaper is tailored for a general readership with emphasis on the hot issues of the politics of Ukraine, including coverage of the recent war conflict with Russia.


Democratic Axe (ДемСокира)

All donations go to support Territorial Defense Forces and to help the victims! Glory to Ukraine!!



Razom is a diverse community of volunteers and collaborators across the US and Ukraine. We support the people of Ukraine in their continued quest for democracy and progress. In response to war conflict, we raise funds to provide medical supplies and other humanitarian aid.


Critical support of Ukrainian defenders

We quickly supply the essential equipment to our soldiers in hot spots. Our main focus is medium-sized orders that often go overlooked by large foundations. Individual volunteers can’t afford them, so KOLO is here to fill the void.


Ukraine Crisis Media Center

The Ukraine Crisis Media Center was launched in the spirit of the Revolution of Dignity in March 2014 as a rapid response to the Russian occupation of Crimea to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and its national interests in the global information space.


Blood Agents

The organization promotes regular, conscious, and gratuitous blood donations. It has encouraged people to donate blood over 5,000 times over the past six years.


United World Cultures Foundation

UWCF team helps develop the Ukrainian philanthropy, taking good care of gifted children, disabled children, orphaned and parent-deprived children, children from the families of JFO participants (Joint Forces Operation, earlier known as the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and internally displaced families, children living in conflict-affected areas in Eastern Ukraine.


Global Support Platform - With Ukraine 

WithUkraine is a platform set up by the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK to consolidate international efforts in raising funds to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine and its people


British-Ukrainian Aid

The British-Ukrainian Aid charity has launched a JustGiving appeal which works to support victims of the war like wounded soldiers, orphaned children and those internally displaced by the conflict. 


German Red Cross

The German Red Cross is the national Red Cross Society in Germany. With 4 million members, it is the third largest Red Cross society in the world. The German Red Cross offers a wide range of services within and outside Germany. GRC provides 52 hospitals, elderly care, care for children and youth.


Caritas Ukraine

Caritas Ukraine helps people who have suffered from Russian aggression. Learn more about our work and support people.

bcu foundation donation to ukraine

BCU Foundation

BCU Foundation is a member-supported charitable institution which was created to establish a permanent means of delivering substantial assistance to noteworthy community-based cultural and educational endeavours in Canada. 

приятелі зсу donation to ukraine

Friends of Ukrainian Defence Forces Fund

Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces (FUDF) Fund was established in 2014 in response to the unprovoked aggression of Russia in eastern Ukraine. In the past 8 years, Ukraine has been fighting a war, while the Ukrainian Defence Forces as well as volunteer battalions have been fulfilling their duty in defending their natio

приятелі зсу donation to ukraine

The Ukrainian Freedom Fund

The UFF is a Non-Governmental Organization originally established and registered in Kyiv in April of 2014 by Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs in response to Russia's invasion of Crimea and Donbas. The UFF has joined dozens of volunteers since Russia's renewed invasion to bring supplies and materials to those in need.

project cure donation to ukraine

Project C.U.R.E.

On average, each week Project C.U.R.E. delivers four to six semi-truck sized containers packed with the medical equipment and supplies so desperately needed by local hospitals and clinics.

project cure donation to ukraine

Lucy's Support Cardiac Surgery in Ukraine

The Cardiac Surgery Department urgently needs additional funds to secure a steady supply of medical equipment and surgery consumables to meet the increased demand for high-quality medical care.All the money raised here will be transferred to the “Dar Sertsia” (“Gift of the Heart”) charity foundation that helps fund the department.


The First Women's Veteran Space "Rehab"

Rehab is a volunteer resistance center that provides military and humanitarian assistance to civilians in hotspots.Contacts: Korolenka str., 1А Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine 79008+380979520290Facebook IBAN: UA 54 3257960000026002300250611


БО Благодійний Фонд «З ПОКЛИКОМ У СЕРЦІ»

Contacts: 77400, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ivano-Frankivsk district, Tysmenytsia city, street Shevchenka, 2A+380 95 323 5882Social Media PageUAH - UA72 336677 00000 26008052506362USD - UA88 336677 00000 26004052569648EUR - UA61 336677 00000 26009052590140GBP - UA02 336677 00000 26006052574523PLN - UA22 336677 00000 26002052565666


Ukrainische Orthodoxe Kirchengemeinde e.V.

Almutstraße 2, 13467 Berlin +4915779193702Websitemoc.liamg%40nilreb.pkkouIBAN: DE64 1005 0000 0190 6741 30


PLAST Ukrainischer Pfadfinderbund in Berlin e.V.

moc.liamg%40nilreb.tsalpWebsiteIBAN: DE88 8306 5408 0004 2640 37


Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.

Bundesallee 187, 10717 BerlinWebsitemoc.liamg%40eflih.eniarkuІBAN:DE24 8306 5408 0004 8722 15


Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft Rhein-Neckar e.V.

68519 Viernheim+0176 88 28 09 05 IBAN: DE81 6709 2300 0033 1706 10Website


Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw

Ul. Szczesliwicka 51, 02-353 Warszawa WebsitePhone: 22 308 88 81 PL 71 2030 0045 1110 0000 0343 05 90 - PLN PL81 1600 1462 1026 0711 7000 0004 -EUR PL54 1600 1462 1026 0711 7000 0005 - USD

We are constantly working on adding more and more verified funds and foundations to the list. Note, that UA AID Centers does not organize logistics. We focus on consolidating the information about verified centers so as to help them collect vital items and systematically support the Ukrainian army and society.

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