Send humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine

Each package has the power to save lives.Find the lists of most needed aid below.

How to use the lists?

The lists of the items you see below are created relying on the actual needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, medical workers and internal refugees. We have received the verified lists from the officials, representatives of hospitals, military forces and humanitarian organizations. All the goods will be distributed across Ukraine to support both army and civilians.By donating these items you can be totally sure they work for the victory, save lives, and reach those who need them most.
Don't forget to:● Pack all the goods in a way that allows them to reach Ukraine undamaged. Boxes are the best option.● Mark the package by writing what’s inside and how much. The text should be in English and be easily noticeable. Use permanent markers, stickers, etc. ● Write “FOR UKRAINE”, “UKRAINE SUPPORT”, “UA AID’’, "HUMANITARIAN AID FOR UKRAINE", or something like this on the boxes.
Ukrainians value international support and do their best to stop Russian thugs, who threaten peace and democracy in the whole world.

Military aid for Ukraine

● Diesel generators (various from 2.5 to 100 kW) and small gasoline generators (0.7-2.5 kW). Please note that generators should produce 220V and not 110● Body armor● Bulletproof Vest (plate carrier) Bulletproof Plate (with Molle system)● (NIJ-Level-III)● Helmets, (Ballistic Helmets or MICH helmets)● Belt carrying system (with molle system and mag pouch), CHEST RIG● Night vision goggles● Tactical glasses● Ballistic goggles● Tactical military knee/elbow pads● Tactical first aid kits● Military equipment and uniforms● Camouflage, especially pixel (all sizes)● Military boots (all sizes)● Bulletproof vests● Thermal underwear● Military helmets● Camouflage nets● Long range walkie talkie radios● Thermographic cameras● Starlink ground equipment


Medical aid for Ukraine

● Military first aid kits (IFAK)● Tourniquets ● Dressings and bandage materials● Flu shots● Hemostatic drugs● Medical equipment and apparatus● Surgical instruments● Operating tables● Operating lamps● Anesthesia-breathing apparatus● Ventilation devices● Ultrasound machines● Medical beds● Infusion racks● Infusomats● Diesel generators (10-12, 100-600 kW)● Field hospitals● Turnstiles● Occlusive dressing● Junctional tourniquet● Military medical backpacks● Hydrogel dressing

● Bag valve mask/Ambu bag● Portable Defibrillator● Pulse oximetry● Х-ray transparent stretchers● Portable ventilator● Vacuum split● External fixation device● Vacuum therapy machine● S size cups for vacuum therapy machine● M size cups for vacuum therapy machine● L size cups for vacuum therapy machine● Catheter Venflon 16, 18, 20, 22 G● Alcohol wipes №1● Individual dressing package● Morphine hydrochloride solution for injection 1% - 1,0● Promedol (trimeperidine) solution for injection 20 mg/ml - 1,0● Fentanyl solution for injection 0.05 mg/ml - 2,0● Ketamine sol for injection 50 mg/ml - 2,0● Ditiline sol for injection 20 mg/ml - 5,0● Syrette painkillers● Moxifloxacin 400 mg N5● Meloxicam 7.5 mg N20● Diphtheria-tetanus toxoid (anatoxin)● Rabies vaccine● Ofloxacin eye/ear drops 0,3%● Antiviral drug● Ambulance type A● Ambulance type B● Ambulance type C

Wound care●  Tegaderm● Xtrasorb dressing - super-absorbent dressing● Mesorb dressing - highly absorbent dressing ● Gauzes/comforting bandages ● Easifix bandage - cohesive● Inadine Dressing● Biatain/Mepilex dressing - effectively absorbs and retains wound exudate ● Hydrocolloid dressing ● Mepore - surgical tape ● Iodosorb powder - for wound healing ● Betadine ● Saline ● Polysporin cream - for infection control 
Hemostatic agents - to stop bleeding● Tourniquets● The first care bandages● Celox gauze● ChitoSam dressing ● Combat gauze● Quick clot gauze● Compress gauze● Sterile abdominal combine pads ● Combination of bandage wraps (all sizes)● Open chest injury seal ● Heavy-duty tape● Normal saline● Gloves ● SAM medical splint


Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

● Camping compact gas stoves● Hygiene products● Walkie-talkies● Flashlights● Stretcher● Folding beds● Batteries● Tourist mats for sleeping● Sleeping bags● Broadband and narrowband radios● Accumulators● Candles● Drums, fuel containers● Jackets● Thermal underwear● Winter clothing (Fleece Jackets)● Fleece wear of any type● Tourist gas● The warm high socks● Covers● Plaids● blankets,● winter shoes,● warm socks● sleeping pads


Food for Ukraine

● Dried food
● Vitamins
● Preserves, boxes (canned meat and vegetables)
● Groceries
● Energetic drinks
● Sweets with a high energy
● value
● Packaged tea and coffee
● Dry cakes, cookies
● Canned beans ready to eat
● Fast cooking noodles 

Wondering how to deliver?

If you are a citizen willing to make a donation, review the aid collection centers' addresses in your country. If you represent an organization or want to send big packages, chose one of the listed warehouses globally. All the contacts are actual and verified.